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When sound waves are in phase, they add together to form a coherent new wave. This idea is at the heart of speaker design, and of everything we endeavour.

A speaker is a combination of a cabinet and an electrical circuit housed within. The whole system is carefully designed so that the sound reaches your ear through the air at the right time to be interpreted as a voice, instrument string or 808 drum machine by your brain. Let your imagination run wild as you discover a deeper connection with recorded music.


Each one of a kind pair of cabinets starts its life as a sheet of Bamboo plywood which is machined to size and prepared for assembly. The parts are carefully selected for the best fit, dowels are drilled and the cabinets are glued and clamped. After 24 hours the clamps can be removed and each cabinet is sanded by hand for 5 hours to achieve the soft and tactile finish. Over the next 3 days the cabinets get a coat of oil per day until they glow a warm honey colour.

Bamboo has been used for many things from building bridges to making socks over thousands of years. We have chosen it for its stiffness, high density and vibration isolation which contribute to the extremely low distortion and unique sound of Gwedd speakers.

Being a grass means that Bamboo is a very sustainable crop. It matures very quickly, requires little watering and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than a commercial forest.

For custom orders we can also use sustainability certified Birch plywood which has a much lower price tag attached here in the UK. It looks and sounds a bit different to bamboo but is still a really great wood to use for speakers.


Best in class components

Gwedd speakers produce transparency, dynamics and a soundstage that will truly captivate. Carefully selected components from industry leading manufacturers ensure that you can expect no-compromise sound

FROM A boldly different audio company.

Ear and computer optimised three component hand soldered crossover. Silver plated terminals and internal wiring. Stainless Steel terminal plate. Cork crossover isolation.

Every decision made has been a balance between the best sound and the best for the environment and we have come up with a truly unique list of materials that we have found to work for us. Working closely with our customers, we hope to refine this list further as we continue to develop our understanding of sustainable audio.