Sain cynaliadwy gwnaed â llaw yng Nghymru. Sustainable audio hand made in Wales.

Our mission is simple. Create beautiful and sustainable audio equipment that eco-conscious music creators and music lovers cherish. Allowing you to feel the emotion in a singer’s voice, the electricity of a band and the power and scale of a full orchestra in your space.


Mae tirwedd Cymru wedi ysgogi cysylltiad cryf gyda natur, ac mae amddiffyn y natur yma ynghyd ag ardaloedd gwyllt y byd cyn bwysiced inni a sain da.

Our wild world is as important to us as great sound. By choosing sustainable materials where possible, doing everything we can to reduce our footprint on the environment and donating at least 5% of profits to reforestation charities we will help to preserve Earth’s delicate balance.